Monday, October 6, 2014

Two Weeks Too Long...Catching Up!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in TWO weeks....EEK!! I really have had every good intention, but finding time is tricky these days! Working three days, practices three nights, weekends crammed with 3, sometimes 4 games, well ya'll's crazy!!! ADD in all my favorite Fall shows returning(um, Parenthood, Nashville, Amazing Race, Survivor), and well, yea.
Anyway I am DETERMINED to  get back to blogging consistently, and I have stuff I need to blog about (my first Stitch Fix, 30in2014 Book Challenge)! So hang in there readers!!
For now, let's play a little catch up shall we... 
Two weekends ago we hit downtown FW with our dear friends Megan and Kyle to celebrate Megan's birthday! We went to Simply Fondue and had THE BEST time! It was all of our first time there and it is a fun place!! This baby right here was my fav!

 Me and my handsome man!!

Megan and Kyle!

Awhile back we booked my home a flight in for the weekend to come and visit and see the boys games! She came in on Thursday and left last night! The weather stayed perfect and she was able to watch all three games!

Lunch with Lane on Friday!

Paul and I caught a late night movie Saturday night!! It was so nice to be able to slip out for a few hours while my mom watched the boys! We saw Gone Girl, and oh my, what a movie!! I read the book a while back and had a love/hate relationship with it, but the movie was great!! 

Lane had quite the cheering section at his game yesterday...I think I counted seven, not including myself and Paul! He loves having family come!! These sisters all showed up in pink!

And today was a big day for Levi...his first dentist appointment! I was skeptical! But he did awesome, no crying at all and even did x-rays!!

Lane "encouraging" him on!

And that my friends is what we've been doing! A couple of things I'm excited about and looking forward too...
*Participating in my 2nd Scarf Swap!! I got my partner today and I'm excited to shop for her!
*Somehow squeezing in a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, one of my favorite Fall activities!
*A three day weekend coming up next week!
*Our Fall family pictures in about two and a half weeks!! However I don't have a clue what I want to do for outfits!!
*Ordering a new Life Planner soon (mine runs out next month)!! I've been a little tempted to try something different, but I think I'm going to stick with old faithful!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!!!

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Betsy Longenecker said...

Welcome back to the blogging world, Tara! It's nice to finally catch up with you again. Thanks for sharing those photos, and of course, for updating us. Levi looks adorable in those huge yellow sunglasses. Hahaha! It's good news that he was well-behaved for his first trip to the dentist. I hope he keeps brushing his teeth well. Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

Betsy Longenecker