Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My First Stitch

Well I jumped on the bandwagon and joined Stitch Fix! You can read all about it here, but the jest is that it's an online stylist that ships clothes and accessories straight to your door and you can either buy or not!
Cool concept huh!? What appealed most to me, other than the cute things I was seeing all over IG and blogs, was the convenience of it. Unless it's grabbing something cute from Target, I rarely get out and clothes shop for myself these days! 
So I signed up, filled out the super long, super detailed style profile, and eagerly awaited my box!
It finally arrived last week!

Every box comes with 5's what was inside...
1) A very cute purple tank. I really liked this on, fit great, not tight but flowy...I didn't end up keeping it because I really didn't want to spend $$ on a tank going into colder weather season! Although you would've thought it was summer out today, ha!
2) Light grey knit sweater....I loved this and kept this one! It fits great, and will be perfect with some skinny jeans and boots!

3) A very dark pair of skinny jeans. Did not keep these...way too dark for my taste and the fit was wrong.
4) Ash grey skinny pants. Although I liked these and they fit good, I didn't end up keeping these either. I just didn't see myself wearing these often, and would rather spend my $$ on pieces I would wear often!

My 5th item was a gold feather bracelet. It was cute but not me...and priced at $35 bucks just didn't do it for me!
Overall thoughts....I love the idea and concept! I was really pleased and have already scheduled my next Fix!! I did go in and ask for more Fall pieces, maybe a vest, so we will see!! 

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