Friday, September 19, 2014

Texas Game Day!

It's no secret that we are Longhorn fans around here! We love football season and we love our Longhorns (even when we are having rough seasons!). The Fall after Lane turned three years old, we took him to his first  Texas game in Austin, you can take a look back here! So this season it was Levi's turn! This past Saturday we went to the UCLA game at AT&T Stadium, and even though it wasn't Austin, Levi was pumped!
He was talked and waited on this day for awhile and was so excited! We tailgated with my family and has so much fun! Lane had a late baseball game, so him and Paul met us right before game time!

My cousin Garrett celebrated his 18th birthday that day!

My three boys!

Even though we lost, Levi had the BEST time!! I can't wait to take him to a game in Austin too!! Hook 'Em!!

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