Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Special Game Day

It's definitely that time of year...Football Season!! And we love football in this house!! And more importantly...we love TEXAS football in this house! I was born a Texas fan and I love that I was able to convert my hubby into one as well!! He was an Aggie when I met him! And now I get to raise two more sweet little Longhorn loving boys!!
So this past Saturday was pretty special because it was Lane's first time to go to a Texas game!! We knew this year was the year to start taking him and we very excited! He loves all things sports and he was so ready!
So we headed down to Austin Saturday morning.  After one minor, okay major, setback with Levi, (if you follow me on FB you know what I'm talking about, ha) we were off! We went with lots of my family in tow! My cousin is a freshman there this year, so we headed to Jester to check out her dorm first!
Zach, Papa, Paul and Kelly  (for some reason I didn't catch a pic with Bree)

After a bit of visiting, we headed towards the Co-op, but detoured through campus! This was our attempt at a family shot...not great...Lane wouldn't smile!

Daddy and Lane

Haley, Lane, and Paul...Lane really wanted to ride a bus...hence the sad face!

After everyone stocked up on UT goodies, we headed to Trudy's for some pre-game eating and drinking! Mexican Martini's were yummy!! Thanks Kelly!

Lane opted for an afternoon nap!

Then we all made our way back to my papa's truck for some more pre game festivities!! Here are all the kiddos: Haley, Zach, Jared, Lane , and Garrett

Me, Kelly & Papa, Paul (doing what they do best!)
There was more family with us, Robin, Terry, and John...but I didn't get any pics, sorry guys!

Jared, Lane and Haley sported some UT eye and face gear!! Lane was super excited at this point!


Daddy and Lane

Family shot inside...we had great seats!

These four set together

Lane was in awe of everything...his eyes were wide and he watched everything!! I love this...his little hand over his heart!

His eyes didn't leave the field...and by kick off he was singing Texas cute!!

It was an awesome time!! Lane did great. He did say a couple of times that this game was "taking forever", ha! To top it off Texas won!! This was definitely such a sweet memory! I can't wait for a couple more years when little Mr. Levi gets to go to his first game!!

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