Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Me

I was greeted this afternoon with a sweet Erin Condren "life planner" came!!! I ordered mine about three weeks ago after seeing them everywhere! They were seriously adorable and after looking them up I knew I wanted one! However they were $50 bucks and at first I thought no way would I pay that for a planner! I eneded up finding a coupon and after it all I only paid $25.87..score!! And Oh My...they are SO worth it!!! It is insane!!! It.s big, heavy duty, and super colorful!! Love!

Heres mine...

I couldn't get good pics tonight...but the colors are much more vibrant!
 I love these pages for dates!

A full spread month at a goes all the way until Dec. 2012!

It has stickers for birthdays, games, and such...

and also blank stickers!

It has a "pocket divider"...I love this...perfect for coupons and whatever else!

It came with a ton of free gift tags...probably close to 25!!

A zip lock!

The back page is another monthly view...this one is laminated!

Even the box it came in was adorable!!

It seriously is the cutest thing! I can't wait to start using it...however I really thought I would be able to carry it in my purse...but after seeing it...I may have to get a bigger purse!! You should definitely check out her website! Paul has been laughing at me all can anyone be so crazy about a planner is what he's thinking...well babe...ME!!!


stephanie said...

I ordered one too last week and can't wait to get it!!! Yours turned out cute(:

Dawn said...

I seriously just added the exact same post to my blog. So glad you found the e-cards and passed along the tip! Did you order labels too?

Rachel and Matt said...

I need one of theses! Are there still coupons available?? :)