Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Weekend

Sadly our weekend has come to an went by too fast! We had a pretty low key weekend. Friday we enioyed a very pleasant evening in Southlake...dinner at our fav, Mi Cocina, then letting Lane run wild in the courtyard area. Saturday started off with Lane's second soccer game, then relaxing at home doing whatever, then it ended with a Scentsy party where I got some yummy fall scents! Today we spent most of the afternoon in Arlington at a friends birthday party. Busy but fun. For some reason I took a ton of pics this weekend of the boys, so I figured I'd put them all in one post!!
At Levi's 4 month appointment we got the go ahead to begin rice cereal with him, so we started this past week! His very first try he didn't really seem to understand what he was supposed to be doing! He just kinda sat there looking at me funny! But as the week went on he got much better and tonight while Paul was feeding him, he was grabbing for the spoon!

We spent time on the floor playing with this little dog!

Levi LOVES his baths!! Here he was this morning...all smiles!!

For our second game, we played the Monkeys!! This week was a huge turn-a-round! All the boys did great and actually looked like they knew what they were doing! They all followed the ball and tried to take it away! Lane did awesome!! He completly surprised me...he was running all around, being aggressive and scoring!!! He scored two goals...two goals in the other team's net (ha!)...and had two almost go in!! They improved so much just from game 1!!
This was one of his scoring runs!! Dribbling down the field...

...And his kick in!!

Here he is again...the one right in front of the goal!!

Here's the whole team after the game! So sweet!

Levi had another "first" this weekend!! All this child wants to do is sit-up! So we knew it was time to get him a bumbo chair! So we picked one up at Target this morning...and he loves it! He is so stinking cute in it...and his chubby little legs barely fit in it! I cannot believe my baby is already big enough to do this!

Lane loves to play. For the longest time my coffee table was a mini racetrack! He would put all his cars around the table and play with them there. But recently I had the idea to take his trains off his table, put together his racetrack on top, and there you have it, a new racetrack!! This morning Lane decided to make a train track all the way out of his room!
It's a daily occurence at our house for Lane to put on either his football attire or his baseball uniform! Today was no exception! He put it on right before the Cowboy game started...and he also brought out his field rug! It just so happened that daddy put Levi in a UT onesie, so I thought this would be a cute picture!

And I'm not sure if I ever did blog about his first roll.....but yes, little man is rolling!! He rolls to his's so cute! He has very good head control, and loves to just look around!

Watching Lane play is very good entertainment!!

Well that's it it's time for another week...On another note...Is anyone else super excited about Parenthood starting this week!?? That is my favorite show and I can't wait!! Have a good week!


Dawn said...

Love that Lane scored in the wrong goal. So funny! I am sooo excited about Parenthood starting Tuesday!!

Travis and Natalie Riley said...

Your boys are too cute! Levi sure is cute and I still can't believe how big Mr. Lane is getting