Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pre-K Graduation

Friday night Lane graduated Pre-K! Such a big milestone! Lane has been very excited for this day to come, so I knew it needed some special celebrating! I pulled out some graduation decor and my chalk board, and a "Graduation Breakfast" was had!
My mom ordered this cute little plate for Lane last year. On the back I have written his two Pre-K graduation dates and teacher names, and I plan on using this same plate on the morning on his Kinder, high school, and fingers crossed college graduation!

His class getting ready

All the tables set up for each adorable!

 This was Lanes' class table...

Mrs. Patty had these scrapbooks made for each kid. Inside it was filled with probably over 100 pictures of Lane and class festivities from the whole year, and pockets with some of his artwork!! Such a precious memory book to have!! I am so grateful for these memories!

Levi found Olivia, and these two had to sit together!

One of his class songs was Gangnam was hilarious!!

Then is was time to get his little diploma!

The class went in and gave Mrs. Patty a gift card wreath, with close to $300 dollars worth of gift cards!

Sweet brothers

Aunt Terry gave Lane some cookies!

Lane and his buddy Enzo

Lane, Dash, Madilynn, and Kelsey Ann

Aunt Terry, Uncle John, and Garrett came!

And Papa, Robin, and Kelly!

And a family shot!!!

All the kids did such a good job! And this momma is definitely a little sad about him being done here, but I know bright things await him!!! So proud of you Lane!!!
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