Monday, June 3, 2013

Camp Kinder: Part 1

So you're probably thinking what is this!? So let me explain! A few weeks ago, sitting in Kindergarten Round -Up with my little man, the counselor said something that hit me! "Try and eliminate any extra stresses that you can for your child....this whole new change is big enough, try and not let there be any unnecessary things that can add stress to your child's day." For example, tying shoes! 
I whole heartily know that Lane will do just fine next year transitioning to his big boy school, however there are some things that I can do as a parent to eliminate some things that he needs or should be doing on his own...things that I'm pretty sure has been done for him by Paul and I and by the staff at his current school!
So as we are a week out from summer, I have some non-school related goals I want to reach with Lane, so that in the Fall he will be Kindergarten Ready!!!
Summer Goals:
1. Learn to tie his shoes. NUMBER 1 on my list for sure!!!
2. Master opening the tops of various foods that may go in lunch box, such as: squeezy applesauce, regular applesauce, and Lunchables, etc.
3. Learn how to open a bag, like goldfish, chips, etc.
4. Insert straw into Capri Sun or any other juice box.
5. Practice opening a baggie.
6. Mastering how to button or snap jeans.

I plan on releasing some of the duties to him over the summer at lunch and any other time we use these things. I have to remember that even though I can do it faster and cleaner (ha), that the more Lane practices these on his own this summer, the better he will be at it on his own at school!
So stay tuned as I update on his progress throughout the summer, it ought to be interesting!!! Oh and part two coming tomorrow!
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Kyle and Marci said...

Brilliant idea!! I will be stealing this for sure! You just take it for granted that someone will do those things, but it really is time they learn.