Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Camp Kinder: Part 2

Back again with Camp Kinder Round 2!! See post below if you missed Part 1!
So in addition to all the fun stuff we will be doing in the summer, we are definitely going to be in "school mode" around our house! No I'm not going to bore him to death or be a tyrant about it, but the last thing I want him to do is forget or regress on everything he has learned this year!
And fortunately for me...right now...Lane loves school, he loves to learn, and he loves to show and tell me all about it! 
So here's my goals in terms of  "school stuff":

1. Have him write his name 
We can use sidewalk chalk, markers, magna doodle, or good ole pencil!
2. Once a week, have him say the months of the year.
Over breakfast, in the car, in the bath, nothing fancy, just want to keep it in his mind!
3. Once a week, have him say the pledge.
Again, whenever I find a few seconds!
4. Once a week, review all the letters and sounds.
This is probably the most important to me! 
5. Have him read a book a week.
I'm going to use the books he read this year at school...we got to keep all of them!!
6. Work in this "Summer before Kinder" math book I picked up at B&N every week!
This should be easy...he is all about math right now...simple addition!

So there's my goals! Nothing he doesn't already know or do, just want to reinforce all summer long!!! 

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