Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Levi

ONE!! I can't believe my baby is ONE today!!
Today we woke up to a coughy baby. After singing happy birthday to him and laying around playing, we went to breakfast at IHOP! Levi had eggs and a pancake! He also had milk for the first time today! Bye Bye formula! At first he wasn't too sure, but he has drank it a little better. Lane took to milk immediately...and I hope Levi does as well...if not I'm not sure what we will do...but we'll just see.
We spent the rest of the morning playing around the house. Around three, we headed to Arlington to take Levi to Chucky E. Cheese. We had family meet us there and we had a fun little time! Levi loved riding the little rides and just walking around!

Not sure about this!

Lane shooting hoops

I made some cupcakes to celebrate with!

Levi was intrigued by the candle!

Yum Yum!!

I love his face here.... "Please dad, can I have some more"!

Saying hi to Chucky

When I saw this picture I died laughing...his expression is's like he was saying really mom...more pictures!!

And gotta have one with big brother!!

And I had to throw this in for comparison purposes!! Lane @ one year also!

After that we went to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner. Once we got home Levi was worn out and ready for bed! I was waiting to do his 12 month pics tonight, but needless to say he had other plans! So I'll have to take those tomorrow! We have his one year appointment so I'll have all his stats too!!
Happy Birthday Levi!!!

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Brittany Stokes said...

Happy Birthday Levi!! Wish we could of been there!