Friday, April 13, 2012


Change is heading our way...good change!! We are building a new home!!! We are so excited and so thankful that we are at a point in life where we can do this! So let me back up and tell ya'll how this all went down!

(we didn't even get a chance to put a sold sign on top!)
For awhile now Paul and I have been talking about moving. We are busting at the seems in our house and we just need more space. So we met with a realtor on Saturday March 31st....Tuesday we had a random drive by house showing...and by Friday we had an offer! It was crazy to say the least! We thought we would list it, it would take forever to sell and that would give us plenty of time to look for something. So having this all happen so fast took us by surprise. We spent Easter weekend looking for homes...and in the end we decided to build! We found a lot and yesterday signed the contract!
The buyers of our house are going to rent it to us for six months, saving us two moves, alot of money, and six months of apartment living with two kids!! This was the best case scenario and we are so thankful that they are renting it to us!!
So now the fun part begins...choosing everything and watching each stage of the process!!


Kyle and Marci said...

Wow! What a crazy chain of events. So excited for you and Paul!! You can't imagine how many decisions you will have to make, but it's a fun process!!

lane, kelli and the boys said...

Goodness, your boys are too cute! My husband's name is Lane, too! Thanks for visiting and the kind words. Have a good weekend :)

thebingmansthree said...

Followed your link from Kelly's Korner...Best wishes for your family and new home! We just finished building our home in the Dallas area, closed on it last week and have been moving in ever since. Lots of work, but SO worth it!

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness!! That is awesome news!! Can't wait to hear all about it.