Monday, April 16, 2012

A Wedding Story

March 17, 2012
Saturday arrived and it was windy and rainy. However the rain held off and the wedding was wonderful! And it was extra special b/c Lane was one of the ring bearers.  His first wedding...such a sweet memory!
It was an outdoor wedding...even more of a reason all were thankful the rain held off!

The Bride's table: cupcakes!

The Groom's table: mini pies!

Pre-Wedding: Brittany, Amanda, Bree

Brody and Lane pre wedding!! So cute!

Amanda and the family

Daddy and this pic!

The wedding set-up

Lane was absolutely precious during the ceremony!!! Not gonna lie....this momma teared up a bit watching him walk down! I was so proud of him....he did so good and had a smile on his face the whole time!!

Bree, Britt, and Haley

I guess no one told Lane to turn around when he got he just stayed face foward the whole time!!

Here comes the Bride!

Intently watching....

And he did turn around to give us a sweet smile or two during the ceremony!

Towards the end of the night poor Levi had all the fun he could! He fell asleep on Grammie's shoulder.

Having fun on the dance floor!

Lane and Brody having fun too!

 Nothing like ending the night dancing with my sweet boy!

We had lots of fun and it was a great wedding!! Congrats Amanda & Zach!!

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