Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012!

I felt like Easter totally snuck up on me this year!! This past week has been pretty crazy and unexpected for Paul and I ...more to come on that needless to say this momma felt like Easter got away from her! Let's just say that the Easter Bunny was making a late night run to Wally World!! So not like me, but like I said our week, especially this weekend was CRAZY!
Moving thing that I did not get around to doing, and I said I was now that I have two kiddos, was to get matching, or similar, nice Easter baskets, ones to use each year with their names on it. That just didn't happen. One day awhile back, Lane was running errands with me, and saw this crazy big superman basket and wanted it badly. So I said whatever and got it. .
Easter morning we awoke to find that the EB had indeed stopped by our house and left the boys some goodies!!

Lane got some super cool books, HOP, candy, and a t-shirt!
Levi got a bunny bat b/c he always is trying to get Lane's bats, some goldfish, and a bunny!

Checking out his bat!

Not sure about this grass stuff!

Lane is very into books and wasted no time in wanting them read to him!

After playing with goodies, we got ready and drove to Arlington to spend the afternoon with family. Here is are annual grand kid/greatgrand kid pic....we are however missing a few of the crew...Brittany, Zach, and Brody, and Rachel.

My sweet boys! Levi wasn't up for pics at first.

But gave us a smile at the end!

Haley, Bree and Lane

The boys got more Easter goodies from the family!!

Again Levi not in the mood! Look at that sweet lip!

Right before the flood gates opened, Lane got to dye some eggs!!

Me and my aunt Angie

Daddy and Levi

His spirits improved once he got his hands on a cookie!!

Since our egg hunt got rained out, we had a makeshift hunt in the living room, ha!! The kids didn't mind!

Getting brothers eggs!
We ended Easter Sunday by going out to the Ranger game with my Uncle and two cousins! Lane loved it and was so happy that Josh Hamilton hit a home run!!
Here is our only family shot of the day!! Using my fav photo app, RedStamp!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!


Dawn said...

I love Lane's Easter basket!! Levi has that pouty lip down. Such a sweet heart.

Melanie Mueller said...

Hi! Stopping by from Kelly's Korner! I am a Texas(New Braunfels) Mama of boys too! I have three ages 9,6 and 2. Your boys are so Handsome!!!
Oh and congrats on selling your house so quickly! That is awesome!

Nutty Mom said...

You have a beautiful family! Stopping from Kelly's korner
I'm in north Texas near ya! I'll be stopping back by your blog later when my kids are napping :-). Have a great day!