Friday, April 6, 2012

A Day with my Oldest

We had to reschedule Lane's four year well check to yesterday, so I was already going to have to take a half day. When I realized that his Easter party was also that day I decided to just take the whole day off and spend it with my man!
So at ten in the morning I headed up to SSA. Lane was so excited to see me in his class!! There ended up being a huge turnout of parents, so I am so glad that I was able to go! Seeing Lane that happy was worth it!!.
Class pics with bunny ears!

Playing a little Easter bingo while the eggs were being hidden.

Egg hunt time

Quick trip down the slide!

After the egg hunt it was back inside for the party!

Lane and Ms.Erika

After the party, I went ahead and took Lane from school. We went to lunch at Chick-fil-A, got their Easter outfits at Crazy 8, and spent a gift card! After running around it was time for Lane's doctor appointment. He checked out awesome!! He is 33 lbs...and about 38 inches tall! Developmentally he is right on track!
He was all smiles while waiting on Dr. Martin.

While waiting for those dreaded shots, I kept Lane entertained with taking silly pics!

He had to get five shots and he did not like them! So after we left we grabbed some frozen yogurt to cheer him up!

After picking up Levi, we came home and I had a nice little surprise waiting for me on our front door....
Our 2011 Blog Book!!!

I love how it turned out!!

Here are my four!! I adore these books more than anything...I love having all these precious memories captured!!

This one is the biggest by far!

I definitely enjoyed my day off yesterday! And looking forward to the next four days off!! Hope everyone has a great holiday break!


Dawn said...

Poor Lane...shots are awful! He's getting to be such a big boy. So handsome!

Lindsey Mobley said...

Hey Tara. Which company do you use to print your blog books?

Allison said...

I would also love to know who you use to print your blog books. I have wanted to order ours for awhile now, but have not ever gotten a recommendation for a good place to use.