Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Cookie Time...Part 1!!

Back in March, when all my family was in town, we had Levi's Birthday Party!! We decided that it was worth having it early so my mom and sister could be here...and plus he really doesn't even have a clue!
So the day before Lane's birthday, we celebrated Levi turning ONE with a Cookie Monster Birthday!! I spent quite the time going through different party themes, and after lots of blog hopping and Pinterest searching, I picked Cookie Monster because it was so stinkin cute!!
No shocker that I took an insane amount of pictures...and while going through them to pick the ones to post, I couldn't pick just a few!! So I did pick alot!! So many that I am posting it in two parts...this one is just for the decorations!! So without further ado....welome to Levi's Party!!
The Invite...from Etsy...not sure why the pic is a little grainy..but I loved it!!

Couldn't go any further without posting the Birthday Boy! Sporting his birthday shirt!! (Etsy)

Here is his special seat all done up! I found these cookie balloons while researching and just couldn't resist!!

Here is the main table! I had three different types of cookies and of course the cakes!

Banner close up

Here is Levi's smash cake! Adorable right?! Courtesy of my aunt again!

And here is the "main cake"...well actually a homemade cookie cake..perfect for the theme!!

Some of the decorations in the living room...I used Cookie Crisp cereal for some of the decor...and loved how it turned out!! Also Levi's framed invite!

The mantle!! Love Love Love how it turned out! I think the polka dot balloons made it!

The sign in table...more cookie crisp, framed pics of the main man, and the "keepsake card"...where everyone signs!

The Favor table! Precious little cookie monster note pads for the big kids from none other than the beloved Dollar Spot! And little bags of chocolate chip cookies...with a favor tag from this sweet mommy blogger who let me borrow it!!

And  a special thanks to my sister for helping me pull this off!!! Oh and if  you know me a party is not complete without shirts to go along!! P.S. I liked my sisters a little more than mine!!

Ok... next up...the actual party including the guests, presents, and digging into the cake!!


texasmacks said...

It looks great. I'm glad you were able to use the template for the favors!

Tara said...

Thanks Andrea!! And thank you again for letting me use it!! It turned out perfect!!And I'm glad you commented...I couldn't find your blog to link back too!

Tessa said...

I've come over from Kelly's Korner. ADORABLE party! Love it!