Thursday, May 24, 2012

Phone Dump

Not alot has been going on this past week. We are winding down our school year and after today I have FOUR days left!! It's hard to contain my excitement. This year had pretty much been awful from day needless to say I'm ready to put it in the books! Tomorrow Lane will be graduating from Pre-K and we are so excited about that...we got his cap and gown yesterday...and oh my's precious and I don't know how I'm going to get through it without a tear or two! He is so big! Anyway...there will be more graduation posts to come!
Yesterday we received some good news....They will break ground on our house on June 12!!! YEA!! We are so ready and excited to get this process going!
We are headed out of town Saturday morning for Memorial Day weekend....we are going South to Victoria. I plan on laying at the pool all weekend, hopefully with some yummy adult beverages in one hand, and my Kindle in the other! 
Can't have a post without some pics, so I decided to do a phone dump! I am always snapping pics of the boys randomly with my phone...and some are pics that I want to have in my anyway here are some recent random pics of my stinkers!
Our Target is getting a huge makeover right now...and while it's causing me stress while shopping there, we did get some new fancy carts! These are crazy big, but now both boys can sit, hang out, and the best part..they are both strapped in! Levi loves it...I think b/c it reminds him of the buggie at school!

Levi got a swing for his birthday! He likes to hang out in it while we're outside playing!

Lane insisted on eating his nuggets while wearing this mask that he got as the toy! Goober!

Ok, so this is pretty least to me...we are frequent customers at the Cristina's in Southlake...the manager always comes and says hi to us! Anyway, this particular location always gives shots of Kahlua after dinner. So on this particular visit they bring us ours....and they brought Lane one as well! His was filled with a Shirley Temple! Paul and I both died laughing and said that it was his "first shot"! Of course Lane had no idea why we thought it so funny and yes, I had to capture that moment, ha!

Waiting on a baseball game to start...Levi was all eyes!

Nothing cuter than matching outfits!

I had to include this one. This just completely captures Lane right now! He loves to play...and if it's not sports, it's with his Batmans. How sweet is this!? I found these lined up like this one night!

And if you're friends with me on FB, you saw this posted last night...Levi has some crazy hair right now. For one it's curly!!! I did that happen!? Even if I comb it, by the end of the day it usually resembles this in some way!! Paul wants to cut it but I'm trying to hold out for a couple more months!

That's all! Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up!!

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Dawn said...

I love their matching Nikes!!