Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I had a great Mother's Day today! But before I get to today I want to go back to Friday morning. Lane's school had "Muffins with Mom" in honor of Mother's Day! I usually don't take the boys to school but there was no way I was missing this fun time with my oldest boy! It was so cute and thoughtful. I love SSA and they always do extra special things! We started off in the playroom getting our juice and muffins...Levi joined us for a bit too!

Then Ms. Erica came and got us to go back to their classroom...where the tables were so nicely decorated with flowers and gifts for us moms!

After eating and visiting, each kid got to give their mommy a rose to take with them! I love this boy to pieces!!

I waited till that evening to open my gifts so Lane could be there with me! First up was this sweet little "questionnaire"...I love that I am only 5 years old, ha!

Then there was a sweet little book filled with poems, notes, and such! Look at this full page note!! I can't believe he wrote proud of the progress he has made since January!
I also got a framed pic of Lane, and a cute little flower pot picture from Levi!
OK, now back to today...after sleeping in, I immediately was given my present! Lane and daddy wasted no time.....I walked in to this....

I was pretty surprised to see a Coach bag sitting there! I had NO idea...I actually asked Paul for workout shorts!! He is something else...I am so grateful for Paul!!

He picked this out completely on his own!! Pretty good huh?!

My favorite part...the inside color!

After opening my gift, daddy took me on a special Starbucks run! (Mainly because we were out of coffee, ha! And we had a late night the night before celebrating my aunt's graduation..Shout out Kelly!!)

After breakfast we decided the day was just too nice to sit inside so we packed up and went to a nearby trail/park!  Both of them love being outdoors! Lane decided he didn't want to take his bike, he wanted to walk and look for roly polys!

We saw a snake along the way!

And daddy and Lane raced!

Two of many roly polys he found!

Levi took a mid morning nap!

And we saw some longhorns too!

Levi woke up about that time and wanted to see them as well!

Lane has a thing for catching butterflies!

We ended at the park and let the boys play for a bit!

It was so fun and a perfect morning with my boys! After a bit of resting, we went to an early dinner at my favorite, Uncle Julio's! We were so stuffed and decided to walk around Southlake Town center for a bit before heading home! Then, I ended the night with a kid-free trip to my favorite store, Target! Strolling the aisles at my own pace, looking at whatever I wanted... now that's what I call awesome!!
I am so lucky for these two boys!! Being a mommy is the best and most rewarding thing! I wouldn't trade it for anything!! And a special thank you to my amazing husband, who goes above and beyond to make me feel so special!! Love you!
I hope all the mommies I know had a wonderful day!!

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I love going to target kid free! :)