Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A SUPER Dinner

I got wind this weekend of "Super Hero" Night at our Chick-Fil-A for tonight! When I told Lane that he was going to get to wear a costume to CFA he screamed out in excitement...I kid you not!! He has always wanted to wear a costume out in public!! This morning he said he was going to wear Iron Man, but when it was time to change and go....Batman won out!!

We've never been to  a CFA family night before and walking in it was pretty hilarious to say the least! I feel bad for normal people showing up to eat...there were kids running around in costume, it was loud, the cow was out walking was definitely quite the scene!!

But all the kids were having a blast and that's all that matters right!?!
And this particular kid thought this was just about the coolest thing ever!!

This one was just along for the ride, ha!

He got to meet the cow too!!

And thought he was pretty funny!

We had a fun little dinner at CFA...Superheros and CFA...a perfect combo for Lane!!

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