Saturday, January 21, 2012

Daddy's New Ride

For awhile now Paul has been wanting a new truck....the main reason was space. His backseat in the Titan was very limited once we added Levi! The middle seat in the back was almost impossible for anyone to sit in and the floor space was slim as well.
The second reason was, well, he just wanted an upgrade! And after weeks of begging me to go look, I finally agreed and we came home with this.....

A 2011 Ford 150! It is soooo nice!! And the space in the backseat is insane! Lane can hold his arm out toward me and I can hold my arm out toward him from the front seat and we cannot touch! And there is plenty of room for someone else to ride along in the back! Paul's in love!

And Lane loves it because it's his favorite color!

Paul is back to his roots with a Ford!

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