Sunday, January 29, 2012

Levi Austin: 9 Months

Today Levi turned 9 months!!!  Every day this sweet one is changing...
Levi here are some things going on with you at 9 months:
.You are quickly becoming disinterested with your bottles and your baby food. His new thing is when I'm feeding him baby food he blows it back out at me...and he thinks this is hilarious!
You just recently got a new big boy seat at the table...more on that later!
You LOVE puffs!!! I think this child can eat his weigh in puffs!!

This should have been mentioned in your 8 month post, but your first word (just like your brother) was dada....these two love their daddy! He says it all the time! I'm working on making mama your second!
This past month you were moved into infants 2 at school!! That would be because you have decided that you want to be extremely mobile!! You are pulling up on everything now!

You went to the park for the first time and got to swing for the first time! You loved it!
You are such a precious little boy!! I mean look at your sweet face!! We love you to pieces Levi!!

And just because I love a little matching outfit from time to time...

Love these two!
*Update: Paul took Levi this morning to his 9 month check are his stats:
Weight: 20 lbs  15 oz
Length: 27 in.
In the 50% percentile for both...slowed a bit in growth chart but we were told he is a perfectly healthy boy!!

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