Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brother Barricade

Overall Lane has been and is pretty good about playing with Levi. However, here recently Lane has become very territorial with his Nascars and Cars cars...he wants Levi to have nothing to do with him and hates when Levi pulls up to our coffee table to play.  He often tells me things like "Levi wants you to hold him", or "Mommy put Levi to sleep"...anything to get Levi out of the way from getting his cars!
This is something we are working on!
Anyway, this past Saturday the boys were playing on the floor and I was on the couch on the Ipad.  I really wasn't paying much attention to what they were doing, however all of the sudden Lane comes walking into the living room holding his rocking chair saying "Look mom I'm strong". I glanced up at him, again not really giving it much thought, until a minute later. I looked up to see why exactly he had brought his rocking chair in the living room...and that's when I noticed this.....

Little stinker had created a barrier to keep Levi from going to the coffee table and getting his cars!!! I just about died!! Before I said a word...I ran to grab my camera and get Paul. Then of course we had a little talk!

Levi didn't seem to notice!

Very clever of him to think of that I must say! Such a mess!

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Brittany Stokes said...

That is the funniest thing ever! I bet he will do something like that when Brody comes! He will have 2 boys after his cars!