Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This & That

This is just a catch all post...a couple things I wanted to get down before I forgot! The week before last, Paul and I were approached by the head's of Lane's school about him being moved up to Pre-K. There were two openings in that class and Lane, along with his friend Madelyn, were chosen to move up.  We were hesitant at first for a couple of they would be the youngest in the class, two the class has been together since August and were already farther along than Lane...and three, we just wanted to make sure he was ready for this jump. So after much thought and encouragement from his teachers, we decided to give it a shot.
So last Monday, Lane had his very first day of Pre-K! I can't believe that he is already here! His first week went great. Every Tuesday and Wednesday night they have homework, so this was something new for us. Lane did great for where he is at with his writing skills. I really just hope that he continues to adjust and enjoy it! We've had no complaints so far so I guess that's  a good sign!

His first homework ever!!! Definitely a keepsake for this teacher momma, ha!

I was actually surprised how well he sat and did it....not all at one time mind you, but we got it done!

Moving on....Friday Lane fell on the playground and had a nasty little bruise on his forehead! This pic doesn't give it complete justice!

And over the weekend...this one got his THIRD tooth!!! His top middle tooth finally broke through!!

And today the boys got their first Valentine goodies in the mail!! Thanks Grammie for all the fun stuff! Lane already painted and colored!

That's about it for now! So glad it's half way through the week! This weekend will mark a milestone for someone in our house!! I'll keep ya thinking!! Happy Wednesday ya'll!

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