Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!
Here are my two precious Valentines!!
(And before I go any further....if you look above...yes, Levi is standing!! All by himself! He just started this last night and he is finding his balance and standing!! I can't believe will only be a matter of time before he takes off and walks!! This is exactly how it was with Lane! Sigh)
This weekend I was busy busy getting everything ready for Lane's party at school today.
I got his class valentine's ready...I used some super cute superhero tags via Pinterest!

I got teacher treats ready!

And finally this morning, the boys woke up and we gave them our Valentine's treats before they left for school!!

I came home to find beautiful pink roses waiting for me...and two gift cards!! One for a mani/pedi and one for a massage...yea me!! As for Paul's gift...I made him "A Year of Fun Dating" book!!
(More on that later)

And right when we got home Lane wanted to show me all his Valentine's from his friends!

Lots of goodies

For dinner I made this new recipe from Pinterest, and it was very yummy!! Lane loaded up on chocolate and we just relaxed after that!

And b/c this little man is so darn cute and b/c I still can't believe he is standing on his own...a few more pics!

My "big" valentine...

and my two "little" valentines!! Man, three boys to love on blessed!

Hope everyone had a day full of love!!

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