Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Lawn Boys

So for a while now Lane has been obssessed about mowing with Paul. Whenever Paul mows, Lane does too. And for some reason I have never been around to catch it...I guess I've always been out running errands or something, not real sure. Anyway, yesterday Paul got off work early, so when I pulled up this is what I saw!!! So I ran in and grabbed my camera! This is just too sweet not to document! My little man doing everything his daddy does!
And what was even funnier was as they were mowing all I could hear was "Wait daddy...wait for me" or "I'm coming daddy I'm coming"!! So cute!!

In other news I am 11 weeks today!! I'll be back next Saturday with my 12 week post and doctor appointment update!! I can't wait to find out in about 8 weeks if I'll have three lawn boys or someone to watch the boys with mamma!!

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