Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Smart Charts!

Well today is the first official day of summer!! We had a great weekend in Waco celebrating my cousin Zachs' graduation from Midway!! I will post pics of that soon, but since today is kicking off our summer break I wanted to share a little something that I have in place for the boys this summer!
Enter our Summer Smart Charts!! Every summer I try to be very intentional in keeping Lane on track for school. Being a teacher I know how very easy it is to do nothing school related for three months and regress a little skill wise, and I want to keep Lane right on track as he enters first! I usually just do things on the fly here and there, but I knew I wanted a little more structured routine this summer. I first saw this idea here on this blog and I immediately loved it! There are so many different summer ideas out there but I really liked this one.

Based on the one I saw, I set out to make ours and this is what I came up with! Basically its a grid with lots of squares, each one containing different activities that ideally I want him to spend about 25 minutes on. Each time he completes a square he'll cover it up with a sticker and when the whole chart is complete he will receive a reward!! And since Levi is quite the copy cat, I knew that I needed to make him his very own smart chart, filled with age appropriate activities!
I set up a tray for each boy that houses most of what they need for their charts!

I picked up two workbooks for Lane, a writing journal, a cute science activity book I threw in their last minute, and stickers. Everything else is stuff around the house (ipad, books, etc.)

For Levi I got a "journal" to color in, flashcards from the house, and stickers. And again I already have puzzles, colors, books, legos, and everything else!

I explained it to Lane this morning and he was into the idea!! I feel like this is a super fun and easy way to include learning in our summer fun this year! 

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