Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{Scenes from Summer} Part 1

**First off, notice anything different!?! I am LOVING my new blog design!! Much needed change of scenery!! Thanks to Kelsey for the great design!!
Well we are already into our second full week of summer and we've been having fun!! My big camera rarely makes apperances right now so most pics I snap are on my camera! And while I usually post to IG, I need to get all my sweet pics onto the blog so they will make their way into the book!
Hence, "Scenes from Summer"
glimpses of everyday fun we are having this summer!!
On our first official day last week, we got brand new library cards! And books of course!

Cartoon watching with brother!

Lots of swimming with my fishies!

Daddy fun on Father's Day morning!

Both boys wanted to sit by daddy!

We sure do love our daddy!!

Bball camp!!

Someone won the "Attitude & Effort" award on his second day of camp! 

Summer Starbucks Snack run!!
I may or may not have introduced cake pops to the boys and they may or may not be slightly addicted now....oops! 

Summer Reading Club at Lane's school...and they even got to have a water balloon fight...just another reason I LOVE his school!!

We are in a World Cup frenzy over here!! I love that Lane is not only loving watching soccer, but this is a great avenue to teach USA pride and also all about other countries!


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