Monday, May 5, 2014

A MONSTER of a Party!

Yesterday we celebrated Mr. Levi! I asked him if he wanted Jake or Monsters and he chose Monsters U so it started with this invite...

He had been SO excited all day for his party! And when one 'o clock finally rolled around it was time to party, or I should say JUMP!

My party decor was very minimal! There's not a lot you can do with a table, but I couldn't let that table go un-decorated, not me!

Levi's bath toys came in handy!

We snapped a few quick family pics before the boys took off! It was like torture trying to hold them still for five seconds!

His party guests started arriving and everyone started jumping away!!

I love all his sweet friends!! He was so excited for all "my friends" to come!!

After they jumped, our party got to play a private dodge ball game in the dodge ball area! Being a bit young, they weren't too sure what dodge ball even was, so it didn't take long for some daddy's to jump in there and show them!! They may have even had more fun then the kids, ha!

An attempt at a group picture!!

After dodge ball it was cake time! I loved seeing that big smile on his face while we sang to him!

I know Levi had a blast at his party b/c he was passed out cold before we even left the parking lot!! We are so blessed with family and friends who came to celebrate with us! Two parties in two months done, now I can relax!!
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