Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend

It's Tuesday already!?! Long weekends always seem to go by faster than two day weekends! We had a wonderful relaxing weekend! Backing up a bit, last Wednesday night Levi had his Spring program. Lane also had soccer practice at the same time, and it was a tournament weekend so we needed to we had to divide up. As much as I wanted to see Levi sing, he really wanted Paul to go, so daddy took him! He made sure to send lots of pics and videos for me!!

Sunday evening we took the boys bowling, they both love to bowl!

Somehow the boys beat us!

We also spent lots of time outside playing with the water hose and with a fun Jake sprinkler ball!

 We have NINE days until summer...and those nine days include: Night of No Limits, field day, Kinder graduation, and Levi's class party!! Bring on the fun!

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Ashlan said...

I'll be at Night of No Limits too! Maybe we will cross paths. :)