Friday, May 30, 2014

Night of No Limits

Tonight I am one proud mama!! A couple of weeks ago Lane brought home a letter saying he was chosen to give a presentation at the upcoming district's showcase of project based learning! I was so excited for him (and a bit nervous)! 
So up until tonight he has been practicing his lines every day at school and every night at home.
Tonight was the night! He was so ready and excited!

They were presenting "Oobleck"....from their Dr. Seuss week!

A little run through!

Aside from being precious, these four kiddos did an amazing job!!

And of course lots of credit to their teachers! 

 We were "Levi free" for the evening, letting us give our full attention to Lane man!

Afterwards we went to dinner where we had some celebratory shots to end the night! (Don't worry Lane's was a Shirley Temple and this particular restaurant always gives us shots after dinner...and this time he just so happened to bring Lane one)

This was a great way to end his kindergarten year!! 

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