Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fellowship Friends Costume Parade

This morning Levi had a costume parade at his preschool! Is there anything cuter than kids in costumes!?! Um, no...they are just too dang cute!
I'm one of those moms who does not let the kids wear their costumes until the big day, or at school, so he was very ready to become THOR!!
That's right...I have TWO Avengers on my hands this year! You'll see Lane tomorrow!

Not sure what's up with the squinty face in these!

His class!

My boys are SO excited for tomorrow!! It's going to be a fun day...Boo Breakfast, fun after school Halloween snack, neighborhood crew dinner, and trick-or-treating! Oh and not to mention to top it all off, Lane's whole school in going to the Texas Motor Speedway for their Read to Speed it can't get much better for Lane man! He's pumped...I just hope the rain holds off so they can go tomorrow!
I can't wait to see all of your sweet kids in costume!! Happy Wednesday friends!!

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