Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Brief History of Me

After seeing this fun post from a new blog I follow (and fellow City Moms Blogger), I thought it was a neat idea, so I decided to play along! So here we go...a Brief History of Me!!


(unfortunately I found NO pictures of this time on my computer...let's face it, it was fun college times, way before I became a crazy picture taking mommy, ha!)

*I was 21 years old and in my 4th year at SFA.
*Had been dating Paul for about 4 years!
*Living in a cute little apartment with my bestie, Arlette.
*Began my first internship in 5th grade.
*Drove a black Ford Escort

EIGHT YEARS AGO...2005...A year full of changes for sure!

*I was 23 years old and graduated college.
*Was planning a wedding during last semester and got married in July.
*Moved to Lewisville, bought our first apartment, both started "real" jobs.
*Began my first year teaching.
*I bought my first car, a Nissan X-Terra.
*Traveled to DC together for Christmas.
*Started this blog!


*I was 26 years old.
*In my 4th year of teaching.
*Began building our first home in Keller.
*I became a mom!! We welcomed our first baby boy, Lane Michael, in March.


*I was 28 years old.
*In my 6th year of teaching.
*Paul and I went to Puerto Rico for his first Founders Club trip!
*Bought my 2nd car, a Tahoe.
*Celebrated 5 years of marriage in Vegas.
*I found out I was pregnant with sweet baby boy #2!


*I was 29 years old.
*In my 7th year of teaching.
*We went to the Bahamas for Founders Club trip #2....very preggo..what was I thinking!!!
*I became a mommy again when we welcomed little Levi Austin to the crew in April.
*I was a bridesmaid in my besties wedding, two weeks after having Levi...yea not pretty, ha!


*I am 31 (yikes).
*I said goodbye to teaching for a bit and began a new adventure staying at home.
*We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary back in Vegas...we kinda love that place!
*I sent my first born off to Kinder.
*I started blogging for Ft. Worth Moms Blog.
*Later this month we will celebrate one year in our new home we built last year!

Play along blog friends....I would love reading a Brief History of YOU!!!

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Chelsea said...

Loved reading this! Glad you jumped on board. Looks like you and your husband have been to some great places. We love Vegas too. Super impressed that you were in a wedding 2 weeks after giving birth too! I was supposed to be in one a month after giving birth and got out of it bc it seemed too stressful.