Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Disney: Autograph Books

 Our Disney trip is quickly approaching and I am definitely in 'Disney Mode"! I've been reading all sorts of blogs and scouring Pinterest for the best tips and tricks of Disney!
Autographs books are a must for the trip, and I knew that I could probably come up with something way cuter than the ones Disney sells, not to mention cheaper than the ones the sell, so I set out to make them myself!
Here is my finished product...

Here's what I used:
*6x6 Spiral bound sketcher's notebook for Hobby Lobby
*Disney stickers
*Foam letters
*Mickey washi tape
*Scrapbook paper

And here is the inside cover and first page!! I love how it turned out!! I wanted to add some ribbon, however I may get vetoed on that one from the hubs claiming ribbon would be "girly"! Oh well!

I was debating on making Levi his own, not thinking he'd be old enough for it, but he is at the "I want to do everything single thing my brother does", so I went ahead and made him one!

First Disney craft done!!
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