Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up & Some Firsts

Levi, at 13 days old, had a big day last Thursday! The day started with his cord falling off...yea!! This makes diaper changing much easier!

Thursday also held two "firsts" for Levi...

1. His first road Houston.
2. His first time to spend the night in a hotel!

I know being two weeks old is very soon to travel, however I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him home and staying the night without him, so we took the boys with us! I was in my very good friends wedding on Friday, and my sister in law watched the boys for us! For being two weeks, Levi did great! On the way there he fussed once when he was ready to eat, and then slept the whole way! We had a packed car, with two car seats, and a ton of bags, traveling with two takes alot!

Lane loves staying in hotels!

Arlette and Pablo...the happy couple!! Arlette and I met in college and were roommates!

On the party bus!

Me and my man!

We three go way back, and have so many fun memories together!! I'm so happy she finally found her love!

We headed home Saturday night and Sunday Paul started a "new project"! For his birthday, from all the family, Lane got a swing set. And Paul is the lucky one who gets to put it together, ha!! So that's what we spent the day doing yesterday. Thank goodness we have a daddy who is so handy!

Look at all those pieces!

 Papa and Robin came visit with my mom and to help Paul! Levi got to spend some time outdoors!

Working hard

Lane is so excited about his swing set!

And he had to have his tools out as well....everything daddy does!

Grammie loving on Levi

Paul still has some work to do on it, but I can't wait to see it finished!
And mom had to finally leave this morning. I love that she got to come and spend a couple of weeks with us. She was such a big help, and now I am going to actually have to wake up when Levi wakes up! I've been too spoiled and been able to sleep in with her here! And not to mention I have not done laundry or cooked since Levi has been born! Oh well...that's what grandparents are for, right!?
And here is a pic of Levi this morning...too cute!

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Jamie said...

I remember when my dad and Brandon put Ryleigh's playset together. It took two days!

Levi is super cute! Lane looks happy to be a big brother. I'm so ready to have another one! (and so is my mom)