Friday, May 6, 2011

A Baby Story: A Perfect Baby is Born!

All morning Levi wasn't taking the contractions very well and my nurse kept having to come in and readjust me and move the baby monitor around. At around 10:15ish I told Paul that my stomach felt weird, almost like I was feeling the contraction but none of the pain...and my back was hurting. About that time the nurse came in b/c Levi's heart rate was doing some funny things...and I told her. So as she was messing with his monitor, all of the suddent she said " I think I know the problem...I think your baby is ready!" What!?!?! Paul  and I were both like no way....we've only been at this for three and a half hours! She said "Yep, let me check you to make sure"." And sure enough, she checked, I was a ten, and Levi was ready to enter the world!!
I immediately got nervous and excited all together. With Lane I pushed for two and a half hours, and I was worried I would struggle with it again, but once my doctor arrived and we started, Levi was here in four pushes!!! It was so surreal. Seeing him for the first time was amazing, and I wasn't exhausted like before, so I feltl like I took it in more. He immediately started crying and I got to hold him before the nurses took him.

Seeing him for the first time

Getting weighed....8lbs and 1 oz.

Daddy staying by his side

A very proud daddy! And their first daddy son picture!

 Bringing back to me

All bundeled up!

Delivery couldn't have gone better. It was a whirwind but one that I will never forget! I have two amazing, precious, healthy baby boys!! 

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