Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Baby Story: Prepped, Ready, and Waiting!

Notice a new change on the old blog?? Yep, with a new addition to the family, it was time to officially change the name of the we are now....The Furr Four!! So mark it down peeps!!
Anyway, this week so far has been great. I love having a newborn and Levi has been such a good baby. We've had lots of family here, thus the lack of blogging, but I am ready to tackle getting the birth and first few days posted, theres just so many pictures to go through!!
So I think I'm going to do break things up and do smaller posts!
Our induction was set for 6:00 'o clock in the morning. I was a ltitle anxious about how the day would go. I got up about 4 and got ready. We got to the hospital and began the process of getting all hooked up! I came in at a 4 and the nurses were saying it would be a short day for me, and Paul and I were like whatever!!  Before they even started the pitocin I began having some contractions on my own.
Pictures began as well! First pic of labor!

By 6:45 I was all hooked up and the meds were coming!! Within the next thirty minutes to an hour contractions began...and Paul caught one of them...

We also took a pic of us while I was still somewhat pain free!

Contractions were getting much stronger, so in between sweating through each one, we were watching...
Yep, the Royal Wedding!!! I know Paul was thrilled but he didn't have much of a say, ha!
Sweet Levi has a Royal Birthday!!
By 8:30 I had had enough!! Yes, very low pain tolerance!! And by 8:45, I had my epidural and things were settling down!
Meanwhile, my sister and grandma arrived with Lane. I couldn't wait for him to get there! Thank goodness he wasn't really scared seeing me all hooked up.

I gave him his "Big Bro Bag" that was filled with goodies to keep him occupied through what I thought would be a long day!!

But I thought wrong!!

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Rachel and Matt said...

I love the new blog changes! Can't wait to see more post of your wonderful day. Congrats!