Friday, May 6, 2011

A Baby Story: A Great Stay

I must admit that I like the hospital stays! It  gives me a "break" from everything else. Especially the hospital we delivered at, Texas Health Presby @ Flower Mound....everything about it was awesome. All of our nursers were wonderful and so helpful. They wait on you and get you anything you need! You don't have to worry about a thing....they just want you to relax and enjoy your new baby! And I actually got good sleep in the hospital! I thoroughly enjoyed our two and a half day stay!
During our stay we had lots of visitors. I tried my best to get a pic of everyone, but I  think....well I know, I missed some.  I have included tons of pics in this post, b/c after all one day this will all be in a book, and I want to remember everything!
So here are lots of pics from our stay at the hospital!

The door sign my sis made!

Brittany and Brody




Raye Anne



Angie and Lane

Cindy and Mike....Grampy and Mamby

Amanda and Bree

Cookie Bouquet

Little Love

Morning snuggle time

Daddy snuggle time

Big Bro Pic for Levi's hospital bed!


Our hospital has a "Celebration Dinner" one night for the new parents! We had salmon, salad, rolls, and a yummy chocolate cake! The set-up was so cute!
Daddy and Lane

The next couple of pics of my absolute favorites!! I adore them...Lane was being so good with Levi!! this one.

The day we left, Sunday, was a cold, wet, and yucky day. In the midst of trying to get everyone and everything in the car, I failed to snap of pic of the four of us in front of the car...our "going home pic". But I did snap a quick one of the "new view" of our back seat! Crazy to look back and have them both there!!

Levi all snuggled up, ready to go home! He slept the whole way!

Like I said I loved our stay....but I also loved coming home with both boys!

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