Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Whole New View!

Look what Lane got today....a new ride!! Yep, our little one is 21 lbs. and almost a year, so we thought it's about time to turn him around! Now he can face either Paul or myself and see a whole new side of riding in the car! And I'm sure it'll be easier for us to see him! We didn't take him for a ride yet, but we did put him in it! "This is new!"
Yes, he is pantless....thanks to his daddy!

My big boy! And his new scrunched up nose smile!


Kensie said...

He looks SO big in his new car seat! Can you believe it??

The Bird Family said...

What a big boy! Madelyn loved when we turned her around...Made riding in the car much more enjoyable for both of us :)

Vanessa said...

Yeah for Lane! He is a big boy! Are you ready for his party?

Dawn said...

I can't believe he will be a year old!! He's precious!

Vanessa said...

Ah Thanks! My sisters get me all of her bows. I love them and her daddy hates them. He prefers the mohawk. I can't wait for the birthday pictures.