Wednesday, January 11, 2017

{Luke James} 8 Months

On January 5th Luke turned 8 months old!! 
Luke you are my sweet, little happy baby boy!!

You are crawling everywhere.
You want to stand up all the time.
You love to play with your toys, but your favorite toy is my cell phone!

You love to be held.
You LOVE when daddy gets home.
You are a busy body...always looking for the next thing.

You love to go outside.
You are doing much better in your car seat.
You love to eat your baby food and snacks.
You have tired  avocado, bread, black beans, and bananas.

You love to watch your brothers.
You are usually a great sleeper.
You still have no teeth! But I bet they are coming soon.

You truly are a happy little baby.
I'm so glad you're mine!!!

Happy EIGHT months Luke!!
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