Monday, January 9, 2017

Celebrating Christmas

Our Christmas morning started off super 5 o clock early! We were able to make them hold off till almost 6, but then it was go time! They were SO excited!! Unfortunately, we had to wake Luke up, so he was a little out of it. He just sat there and watched the craziness unfold around him. No crying, no peeps, nothing, just staring! It was cute though!

Lane helping out with his stocking!

Santa didn't forget Gunner!

We waited for a bit to let Luke open his...after he woke up a little!

After gifts, we got the coffee going, made breakfast, and the boys played the rest of the day and afternoon! Low key and just how I like it! That evening we headed to Arlington for Christmas with my family!
Trying out a virtual reality headset...

We ate, opened more presents, played games, and had lots of fun family time!

So thankful for my family!! We had a wonderful Christmas Day!!

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