Monday, February 29, 2016

End of Month Happenings

It's Monday! And it's Leap Day! And it's almost March! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Backing up a couple of weeks here....Paul got two tix to the US Women's Soccer Olympic Qualifying Match in Frisco. With it being so close, we couldn't miss out on seeing some of the greats!! Levi didn't care to go, so I got to take Lane and it was awesome! 
We got to see Carli Llyod, Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, O'Hara, and all the newbies!

Lane predicated that they would score eight goals, and the ended up with ten! He loved seeing so many goals!

 One Friday night when I was out of town Paul met up with Kyle and the girls and went to the drive in to see Kung Fu Panda!  Such good dads!

This past Tuesday night the 2nd grade put on a Dance Performance...each class did their own dance and it was so cute!! I thought Lane would be a little shy but he did great!!

And then Friday morning they had their Boosterthon Fun Run. Levi and I went up to cheer on our favorite runner!

 And this weekend, I had to leave again, so Paul had the boys! I missed Levi's soccer game. Thank goodness for FaceTime because I was able to watch it and him play!

He had six goals and had so much fun playing!!! We are a away from March 1st and I'm two days shy of 30 weeks!!! EEK!!! I still have so much to do and our March is insane!! Spring Break, shower, weekend tourneys, Easter, Lane's birthday...and it just goes on and one...I mean pretty much something going on every single day!!
The only saving grace is that I am only working two more weeks (up to SB), and then I'm stopping...that will give me about 6 or 7 weeks to take it easy and get everything down while the boys are in school!!

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