Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine Fun & A Surprise Night Away

Whew, this weekend was one for the books for was a long weekend, Paul had Friday off and Lane was off of school Monday, so it was packed with fun!
First up last Thursday, little mister had his Valentine preschool party...

I feel bad seeing how I only snapped three pics, but I was running back and forth b/w his class and mine!
Then that evening my mom drove up to attend Grandparents breakfast the next morning at Lane's school. After practice we took daddy to Mi Cocina for his birthday dinner!
Grammie and Lane off to school..

We spent the rest of the morning doing some birthday shopping for Paul and grabbing lunch! Then I had to book it to Lane's school for his times as always in 2nd grade!!

Since Paul had a four day weekend, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a quick little last minute, last Furr Four family getaway before baby comes! Our original plan was San Antonio...but that didn't pan out. We settled on surprising the boys with a night at Great Wolf Lodge! So after school on Friday we came home, told the boys, packed their bags, and headed out! 

We got there, checked in, changed, and headed to the water! We swam most the evening, grabbed dinner, played in the arcade (where Lane hit a 1000 ticket jackpot), got ice cream, went to story time, sang Happy Birthday to daddy with a Bundt cake, and then hit the hay around 10:30ish! While Paul and I aren't head over heels for that place, we knew the boys would love it, and they did, and that made it ALL worth it! Here are some pics of the night...

We woke up early Saturday morning and was down in the water park at 9! That's when things to an unexpected turn...around 10:30 Levi and I were waiting on Paul and Lane to come off a slide and I was in position to  get some pics of them (see directly above), when afterwards I forgot that I had stepped up and completely lost my balance, tripped over a step, and took a really hard fall. It was super scary and being 27 weeks preggo made it even worse. After talking to my uncle, we decided to go ahead and head to the hospital just to be safe. They immediately hooked me up and found baby boy's heartbeat, which calmed me down tremendously...and then wanted to monitor me for about two and a half hours to make sure no contractions started. Thankfully none did and since baby seemed and sounded fine, I was released. I was super sore and spent the rest of the day on the couch hurting. Needless to say the boys' trip got cut a little short....but I don't think they seemed to mind too much!
We spent Valentines on the soccer field with two soccer games , ha! Nothing says love like that! Lane spent the night with a friend, I spent lots of time laying around. We ordered out for Valentines dinner and called it a day!
I did manage to set out some vday goodies for my boys...

That's a wrap on our weekend! Hope you all had a great Valentines!!!

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So glad you and baby boy are ok!!!