Monday, February 1, 2016

Books, Baby Talk & a Weekend Recap

Hello Monday and Hello February!!!! Crazy that it's the last month before Spring! Speaking of Spring this weekend was BEAUTIFUL out....we're talking temps in the upper 70's, short sleeves, and lots of vitamin D! If you didn't spend the entire weekend outside then you definitely missed out! 
February is going to be a fun filled month for us. We have Paul's birthday, Valentines fun, Lane's Dance Night at school, and a quick mini getaway with the kids!! It's a short month, so add all that to my never ending list of baby prep, school, work, practices, and games, and February will be gone in a flash!

Here is one of my favorite Valentines pictures of the boys...just to get us in the spirit!!

I mentioned about my never ending baby prep I have to do....if you know me you know I am super organized and love a good list! Well I made this "Baby Prep" List and oh my, it's a lot...take a look...

I tried to break it down into monthly accomplishments, but still...we have a long way till we are ready! And being February, I only have THREE months and about a week till little man arrives!!! 
Moving on to our weekend fun....Lane was in a soccer tournament in Dallas, and in between those games he had his last basketball game of the season...

I love watching him play basketball! He was our team's point guard and I love his knack for it...always talking and setting up plays! Till next year basketball...and what's crazy is that next year Levi can finally play!!!

After all our Saturday games, the boys spent the night with my aunt and we went out with some dear friends to celebrate Kyle's birthday at Dave and Busters! Our guys were dead set on going there and had a blast playing the games! Megan and I totally felt a little out of sorts, being without kids and all at this place, but it was fun...and we got a lot of tickets!!
Shots for the birthday boy!!

Sunday it was back out to the soccer fields for an ALL day affair! Again the weather made it a gorgeous day!! It's a little confusing, but US soccer is moving to "age pure", so our teams got swapped up a bit this season, and now we are all 08's. This was our first tourney as our "new team" and they did awesome! Blew out four games, made it to the championship, and lost it 3-2....heartbreaking for sure after the tournament they were having, but this is just the start!!

One more thing...
I finished my first book of the year in between games yesterday, It was What She Knew by Gilly Macmillian. 

I didn't give myself a reading goal this year. With a new baby on the way I know reading may be a little hard some months...but I will still be reading, and have a feeling more podcasts are in my future!
Whew, that was a lot!! Happy Monday Friends!!!

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