Thursday, January 21, 2016

{Bumpdates} 24 Weeks

Well the halfway point of this pregnancy has come and gone! Hard to believe. I'm not doing a very good job blogging about this baby, but I'm going to try and hit every four weeks from this point out!!  On Christmas day I hit the official halfway point!! Sweet baby boy popped out around that time!! See below...

A few weeks after the holidays, we went ahead and purchased baby furniture and switched our guest room out! We went with Westwood Hanley collection from Buy Buy Baby and I absolutely love it!! We also already have our baby bedding, but I'm going to wait to show that!! 
A work in progress...

And the finished product!

The week after Christmas we had our 20 week boy looked great and measuring right on track, and most importantly definitely a BOY!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:  24 Weeks 
Size of baby: Baby Furr is the size of a Cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 10 lbs. at my 20 week appointment...24 week appointment coming Monday, so I'm sure I'll be  up a few more!
Maternity Clothes: Bottoms yes...still mainly wearing regular tops...have taken over Paul's t-shirts for around the house!
Gender: BOY
Movement: About 21 weeks I started feeling him!! 
Sleep: It's okay...starting to get a little uncomfortable.
What I miss: Caffeine and Wine...sleeping on tummy...walking without hurting
Cravings: Just food, ha!
Symptoms: Pain in tailbone and lower back.
Best Moment this week: Getting fun baby stuff in the mail!

Speaking of getting fun baby stuff in the mail....someone please change my Etsy password, ha! Not even joking...I'm an online baby ordering crazy woman!!

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