Monday, December 7, 2015

It's A.....

Like with both boys, we chose to have genetic testing done, just to know. They do blood work as well as a sono to scan for certain disorders and such. And also can tell you the gender much sooner than the usual 20 week sono!!! So when I was about 13 and a half weeks, I went in for the sono, and they were able to tell us the gender. Paul wasn't with me, so I had them write it in an envelope!  A couple of weeks earlier, I had done a little baby shopping and picked up a girl outfit and a boy outfit!
That evening as soon as Paul got home, and the boys were outside playing, we decided to look! Well Paul did...he wanted to surprise me! 

So I closed my eyes, and he was going to hold up whichever outfit the card said...and I opened my eyes to see this....In my surprise and excitement, I forgot to take a pic of him holding up that sweet little football sleeper!!! Yes, it's another BOY!!! 
A little part of me really thought it was girl this time, only because some aspects of this pregnancy were so different, but I was wrong, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome another sweet baby boy!!! 
I left the very next morning for Nashville, so we decided to keep this little secret for a week! It was so fun to know...but a little hard too. Being away a whole week with my mom and aunt was tough. First thing at the airport that morning, my mom was asking about the gender, if we knew, when are we going to find out, etc!! So I lied and said no we don't know!! 
After I got back from my trip it was time to tell the family!! And the boys!! Lane had overheard Paul spilling the beans that we knew to my sister, so Lane was DYING to know! He bugged the heck out of us for another week, but we kept quiet because the minute he knew, everyone would know!!
I wanted to tell the family in a fun way, but they are so hard to all get together!! Finally we all convened at my aunt's house to see what Baby #3 would be!! I didn't go all out on the reveal party, but still managed to make it super cute and fun!! I decided to use silly string to "reveal" the gender! So I went on a hunt for the color I needed, took the colored tops off, then just slapped some white paper and cute ribbon, and we were set!! I also got a fun little cookie cake made to add to the night!!

It was finally time and I so wished I had thought to snap a picture of all the family holding their silly string cans, but there was too much excitement going on! I wanted the boys to be the center of this, so we stood them two on the bench, Facetimed my sister in, started a countdown, and then everyone sprayed their silly string....and they saw BLUE!!!! 
Immediately the screams, laughter, and joy came!! As much as everyone in my family wanted a girl (it's been 16 years on my side since our last girl), I was a little worried they would be disappointed!! But the minute they saw the blue, I knew I was crazy in thinking that and that this little boy was already so loved!! And talk about his big brothers, they were SO SO excited to see blue!!! That's what they wanted from day one!

We have a video of the reveal and it's probably one of my favorite things ever!! It was such a fun night!! I can't wait to see this little one, see if he favors one boy over the other, or if he is going to be totally different than the first two! 

And lastly, here is my 14 week bump pic...this was about four days before the reveal!!

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Justine said...

Welcome to the mom of three boys club.. It's exhausting but awesome 😊