Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Parties

The boys had their school Christmas parties back to back last week, which made for one wore out mommy Friday afternoon! Being one of three moms to set up for 43 kiddos and then help run the party, all while being 5 and a half months preggo was a bit much!! But everything looked so cute and the kids loved it!
Second grade decided to go with a Grinch theme this year, so here's a look at some of the stuff...
His teachers got dubbed the "H&M" team, for their initials..and contacted H&M to see if they would donate some bags for goodies! It was so cute and the red lettering was an added bonus!

It was PJ day too!

Photo booth fun...

His big 'ole class!

Levi's class party was too cute too! They had lunch, did a book exchange, played Bingo, and did a little craft! He as well got to wear their jammies!!

School parties....always fun and always fast and furious!
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