Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcoming Summer

Last Friday the boys went to school for a couple of hours so Lane could participate in Bike Day. So while I was running some errands, I picked up some fun stuff to put together for Lane man to welcome in Summer!! Gotta love Dollar Tree and the dollar section at Michael's...they never fail!
Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, avenger notepad and pencils, a puzzle, m&m's, and a PBK shark beach towel I had ordered awhile back!!

Land loved it and was super pumped about the towel! Levi has no clue what summer is so I passed on getting him anything, sorry bud, next year! Then he asked for a what better way to bring in summer!
I let Levi have a little of mine! He thinks he's big stuff getting to be like big brother!

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