Friday, June 1, 2012

First & Last Day

SUMMER IS HERE!!! Finally, right! Yesterday was my last day at school and was supposed to be the boys' last day as well. It was Bike day yesterday and Lane was super pumped b/c he got to take his bike to school. But when we woke up to storms they sadly canceled it and rescheduled it to today, so needless to say Lane wanted to go to school today so he could ride his bike with all his friends!! So we took the boys to school for a bit today, while I clean and pack for this weekend!
Anyway, so since I thought yesterday was there last day I took their last day school pics! I love looking back at how much they have changed during the course of the year!!
.Lane: First Day August 2011

.Lane: Last Day May 2012
(it was jammie day as well)
I can't get over how much he has grown up this year! His little face has really changed from a sweet little baby face above to more of a little boy! Crazy!!

Levi: First Day August 2011

Levi: Last Day May 2012
And don't even get me started on this guy!! My little baby has gone and he truly is growing into that toddler stage! How did that happen so quickly?!?!

Bring on the summer!! I can't wait to spend the next two and a half months at home with my boys having lots of fun!! Swimming, snow cones, movies, soccer, trips, and lot's more!!!

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