Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Fun

It's only Wednesday and this week has already been packed with lots of fun!! Saturday night we got the family together to have a  bowling night. Lane has never been and has been wanting to go. So we headed up to Main Event for some fun!
Lane loved his bowling shoes and was sad we had to leave them behind!

Daddy getting ready to show Lane how it's done

In pure Levi fashion, he was a mess! He would not sit still and would dart out onto the lanes!

Group shot!

Lane in action

Daddy won...and Lane didn't do too bad for his first time!

Paul and I are playing in a co-ed summer softball league, and Sunday afternoon we had our first game! It was really fun and I'm sure there will be more pics to come, but anyway after the game we all went to Fuzzy's to grab some drinks and we just happened to run into Darren Woodson!!! Talk about cool! So of course we did the only natural thing....grabbed a camera and bugged the poor dude for a pic! It was pretty neat!

Monday was pretty low key...lots of laundry, lots of playing, and lots of Disney Jr, ha!
Tuesday morning started with a date with my oldest! I bought us tickets to Southlakes' Summer Movie Program. That day was Rio! Ten movies for $6 bucks...not bad!

That night I went to the Ranger game with some friends! It was SUPER HOT but we had a great time hanging out!! And they won!!

And today, Lane and I met up with some of my friends, Jamie and Dawn, and their kids for a little playdate! We met up for lunch then headed to their community pool, which was awesome, for some swimming fun!
Lane and Ryleigh all ready to head to the pool!

Out of no where today, Lane started to swim underwater!! I was so proud of him!

Here is baby Garrett  just snoozing away!!

Such a fun day!! Gotta love summer!! On a different note.... I  have exactly ONE full day left until I turn 3-0! Yikes!! How should I spend the last day of the decade...hmmmmm???

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