Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tough Decision!

We definitely have a future athlete on our hands! As you can see he is already torn between the two sports!!

Now a days you can usually find Lane with a bat in his hands!!I swear he has to take one wherever we go. We have a pretty decent bat collection going on as well!

It is so cute to watch him play, and trust me when I say daddy doesn't mind at all!


Brittany Enrriques said...

Awww I miss my nephew!!! Let's just hope he plays football bc baseball is way to boring for Aunt Brittany to watch!!!

Rachel and Matt said...

That is so funny! At least he picked to right Pro Team :) Go Dallas!

And yes we are going to the Thanksgiving game. We have season tickets and this year is also the 10yr anniversary of bonfire falling so it will be extra special to be there.