Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My First Trip to Six Flags!

A couple of weekends ago now we took Lane to Six Flags for the first time! We went out for a couple of hours, before it got too hot, and Lane I think enjoyed it! We started off by meeting some characters. Lane was a little interested in them at first but then got a bit scared! After that we headed to kiddie land for some rides. We rode the train, trucks, ferris wheel, and his favorite the swings! I was a little hesitant about putting him on the swings, however there was this little girl about Lane's age on them so I figured ok why not at least try! I was afraid he may try to climb out of them! Oh no! Lane got the biggest smile of his face and just sat there so good and smiled the whole time! When it was over, Paul tried to get him out and he clung to the swing, so luckily there wasn't a line so he got to ride again! After kiddie land, we walked around the park to let the big kids ride some rides! We also rode the big train around the park, which Lane enjoyed.

Here are some pics!
Looking over these guys! In line for the train
On the train
In the ferris wheel cabin!
Lane and Jared on the swings!
Having fun!
Me and Lane riding the Bat Mobiles!
Lane with Haley on the train

Angie, me, Nana, and Terry on the train
Overall I think his first time out was a success and I'm sure will be making many more trips out this summer and then in the fall


Brittany Enrriques said...

I wish I was there! I feel so left out over here in AZ!! He is getting so big!

Dawn said...

He looks SO grown up sitting in that swing!!

Brandon and Kensie said...

Looks like SO much fun....but HOT!!